The Tyler Model


It is a curriculum design based on the work of Ralph Tyler.
It brings together 3 areas: the nature and structure of knowledge; the needs of the society and the needs of the learner.
4 Fundamental Questions:
1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain?
2. What experiences can be developed and provided to the students so that they can attain these purposes?
3. How will these experiences be organized so that effective learning can take place?
4. How will these experiences be evaluated to be sure that the purposes are being attained?


Madeus, G.F. & Stufflebeam, D. L., (1989). Education evaluation: the work of Ralph Tyler. Boston, MA. Kluwer Academic Press

Strategies or Problems:

The focus on the purposes and the needs of the learner can be a problem if teachers have different views of what is important.
The administrator designs the curriculum and the teachers implement. This can also be a problem.
A curriculum designed by the Tyler Model will involve the active participation of the learner in attaining the educational purposes.