• Tools

Use a share drive or Google docs to communicate about the curriculum and to share plans and ideas. (Kimberly)

If teachers are not located close together then the use of a wiki page can help with curriculum mapping. (Kimberly)

Dropbox is another great tool for sharing data and information. It is compatible with Apple, Droid, and PCs. It allows one access to large files that can be shared. (Fredlyne)

Digital Portfolios can be used as individual student maps or even for the teachers. (Vivian)

Powerpoints are slides used when conducting a technology break-out session.
  • Information and Resources

Accessing your state's standards can also help with developing curriculum. Knowing what students are supposed to know at the end of each school year is important when going through the developing process.
Northwest Evaluation Association - Formative Assessment

Collaborative Learning, Inc. (Curriuclum mapper) (Vivian)

Rubicon, International (Curriculum mapper) (Vivian)

  • Strategies and Ideas

Assessing student's knowledge at the beginning of the school year can also help guide curriculum development. One such tool is the Northwest Evaluation Association or NWEA which students can take three times a year, fall, winter and spring. This assessment can provide necessary data to gauge students' academic level. These assessments are taken on the computer so data is available sooner with a breakdown of the strands students are tested on. (Fredlyne)

Prior to contracting, leaders should phone or web conference with prospective providers with a definite set of questions and concerns. Gather first-hand knowledge from current users prior to contracting with any provider. (Vivian)

Provide adequate training to end-users (teachers) and access to on-going provider support. (Vivian)

Students may design, develop, and test a digital learning game to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to curriculum content. (Vivian)

Students may employ curriculum specific simulations to practice critical thinking processes.

Students may design a website or create a media-rich presentations for other students on the appropriate and ethical use of digital tools and resources.