Laptops, Podcasts, and GoogleDocs are just a few of the technological tools that are being utilized for curriculum enhancement. (Vivian)

Information and Resources: - Essential steps for the integrated EDW; This site provides help in building an effective Data
Warehouse to store and manage multiple data results. (Kimberly) - is available to post and share data with those who need to be connected to the data results. is available for teams to post and share information.

Curriculum Mapping systems can be developed and utilized as a result of purchased software or custom-made by a consultant just for a specific school or district. (Vivian)

Strategies and Ideas:

It is very helpful to have a data team of at least 1 to 3 people who can help gather, organize and analyze the data for the teachers. This will allow teachers to focus on how to use the data to plan and make improvements. (Kimberly)

Teams can gather data, examine patterns, and apply information for decision making using digital tools and resources. (Vivian)

The employment of data collection technology such as probes, handheld devices, and even geographic mapping systems may be utilized to gather, view, analyze, and report results for content-related problems. (Vivian)