1. Tools:

EZSurvey is an online survey that can be targeted towards parents. It allows for several questions over the phone that can be answered through a touch tone phone. (Kimberly)
The Center for Social and Emotional Education has developed an online tool to survey the perception of a school's climate by the students, parents and personnel. (Kimberly)

Survey Monkey is an online survey tool that can be used to target all stakeholders when needing answers on school climate. I was able to locate a School Culture Triage survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZTMSM3Z. (Fredlyne)

Information and Resources:

www.schoolreach.com/parents-polling-survey.html (Kimberly)

Self-Assessment: School Culture Triage - Article & Survey questions retreived from Kansas State Department of Education (Fredlyne)

Strategies and Ideas:

The School Culture Assessment Process (Fredlyne)
  • Interview - conducted by two facilitators with several small focus groups of randomly selected stakeholders. Information is collected based on answers to specific questions about school culture.
  • Observation - Targeting support or classified members as well as other stakeholders to observe their interactions horizontally and vertically amongst different school positions. Specifically looking for 13 key characteristics:
  1. Collegiality,
  2. Efficacy,
  3. High Expectations,
  4. Experimentation and Entrepreneurship,
  5. Trust and Confidence,
  6. Tangible Support,
  7. Appreciation and Recognition of Improvement,
  8. Humor,
  9. Shared Decision-Making by All Participants,
  10. Protect What is Important,
  11. Traditions Celebrations,
  12. Open and Honest Communication, and
  13. Metaphors and Stories.
  • Survey – given to teachers, teacher assistants and administrators. This can also be shared with parents and other stakeholders.
Retreived from Center For Improving School Culture (Fredlyne)

Students can create and publish an online gallery with examples of different historical periods, cultures, and countries. (Vivian)

Employ data-collection technology such as probes, handheld devices, ang geographic mapping systems to gather, view, analyze, and report results for content related problems. (Vivian)

Students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders may describe what is working well, and what is not working as they believe it should, and make a suggestion to fix it. (Vivian)